Badminton Equipment

What it means to have good badminton equipment

Besides you have to get the special skill and fitness to excel badminton, you also need to have the suitable equipment. Equipment for badminton does not have to be expensive or in popular brand. You just need to find the right equipment for you and it helps you to enhance your playing experience. You do not need a fortune in playing this sport. You just need to find some of this reasonable price of equipment.

Basic Equipment for Badminton

If you join the badminton club, your trained will give you a racket, and the basic thing you should learn is how to use your racket. The modern rackets are light and it has weight in below of the 100 grams. You also need to see the frame of the rackets. It could be made of steel, aluminum, carbon, fiber, and even ceramic and boron. The combination of some of them could be there too. It should be no more than 680mm for its length and 230mm in its overall width.

The next equipment is shuttlecock. Have you ever seen that in badminton championship, the player often changes the shuttlecock? The standard shuttlecock should have 16 feathers fixed in a cork base. It is covered in kid leather. The best shuttlecocks are made from the left wing of a goose feather. Therefore, when the feather is less than 16 feathers, the player will ask to change the shuttlecock. The length of it should be between 62mm and 70mm and the weight of it should be between 4.74 to 5.50 grams.

Additional Badminton Equipment

Do you know badminton string? In Badminton training, you will see many players bring it with them. Your racket needs a place. You should find the right string for you. There are two types of badminton strings. They are made of natural guts material and synthetic material. The more control and power material is natural guts. It also gives the less vibration so that the player can be nice to play with. The thicker strings are more durable and it gives you more control. However, it does not give try the more power. Therefore, the thinner one is better.

The next is badminton shoes and accessories. The shoes will help you to get more of the badminton lessons, especially related to the movement. Therefore, the right consideration of the shoes would be really thought. When you choose the size, make sure there is a left space in it about a thumb’s width from the tip of your big toe to the tip of the shoes. Therefore, your feet will have the some spaces to move inside your shoes after you wear the sports shocks. If you need the accessories to support your style, you can have a wristband, headband, badminton shirt, and grip. Anything you want to put in yours makes sure it will not disturb your play. Towel grip or the synthetic one is no matter as long as it can absorb your sweat well.

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