Badminton Rules

Learning the Origin of the Badminton

We may know about badminton results when one badminton player or the team could reach the 21 points in two games or more. It could be our common sense about badminton. Not many of us may know the history of the badminton. We may not know that badminton games came from badminton clubs, as the first official badminton in the world. The badminton games that we watch and we play are the modern badminton which has been developed several times in very long and complex situations.

The early history of the Badminton

The first official badminton club was Bath badminton club which was established in 1877. But, the origin of the badminton is way long before that. This sport came from the ancient civilizations in Europe and Asia. The ancient game of the badminton was called Battledore and Shuttlecock. The origin of the game is more than 2000 years ago. This game was played by upper-class people as pastime game in England around 1600s. It was also played in many European countries. The Battledore and Shuttlecock was a game which was played simply by two people in hitting a shuttlecock backward and forwards.

The contemporary Badminton

The development of the Badminton happened around the 1800s. The contemporary term of the badminton is called Poon. It was played in India for the first time. It was also the first time the net was introduced. Then, the game became the players hit the shuttlecock across the net. This game was brought to England by British officers and introduced there. It was played as a game for the guests of the Duke of Beaufort. Then, Gloucestershire, England became the stately home of Badminton. In March 1898, the first Open Tournament of Badminton was held at Guildford. It becomes the first “All England” Championships. In the 1930s, Denmark, the United States of America and Canada became the ardent followers of the game.

The establishment of IBF

IBF or International Badminton Federation is the world official badminton organization. It was established in 1934. It was founded by the founding members; they are England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Denmark, Holland, Canada, New Zealand, and France. Then, India joined as the affiliate in 1936. Under IBF, Thomas Cup becomes the first major IBF tournament. It is the world men’s team championship and it was started in 1948. After that year and the successful tournament of the tournament, IBF added more tournaments in their schedule. Now, there are Uber Cup for the world women’s team championship, World Championships for individual events, Sudirman cup for the mixed team, World Junior Championships, and World Grand Prix Finals.

The modern Badminton

Around thirty years later, Badminton was introduced as a Commonwealth Games. In this program sport, Badminton is played in all five disciplines; they are singles for men and women, doubles for men and women, and mixed double. Then, in 1992, Badminton was started to be played officially at Olympic Games. It was first begun as a demonstration sport in Munich in 1972.

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