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The Best Pillow Reviews Based on Type

The pillow may be just an item that we use every day. But, the function of the pillow is beyond that. It is supposed to the head, neck, and shoulder while sleeping. Therefore, the pillow is not just one type with square shape. There are many types of the pillow which have a different function.

Toddler Pillows


When we choose the best toddler pillows, we should use the kids as the consideration. The first thing that we should think is the allergies of the kids. Some materials for pillows can trigger the allergies. After that, we choose the firmness of the pillow. Whether it is firm or soft, we should know what the best for kids. Sometimes, we think that soft pillow will be comfortable. Unfortunately, soft pillow sometimes does not really support the sleep of the toddler. Then, we need to choose the right material of the pillow cover. The safe material can be cotton, the blend of cotton polyester, or synthetic fiber.

Airplane Pillow


Traveling sometimes makes us exhausted. It also can make us suffer some pains even though it is not permanent. But, it is important to make the traveling comfortable. When we travel by airplane, the flight may take more than an hour. Sometimes, the flight is uncomfortable. We get some pain from the flight. If we know that we are going to be on the long flight, we will need to use one of the best airplane pillows. This pillow will help us to be stable, comfortable while we are sleeping on the plane. The material for this pillow is from the real memory foam.

Pillow for a headache


A headache could be painful and uncomfortable. It could make us not able to do anything. Mostly, it could make us not able to do our daily work. Normally, we could take aspirin or painkiller when we get a headache. What if we are in the situation when we cannot take medicine? The only thing that we could do is sleeping. To make the sleeping work effectively in treating headache, we will need to use the best pillows for headaches. Headache pillow usually has a unique shape which can support the head and neck perfect. Besides that, it is made with ice help pack which can be the remedy for a headache and painful condition.

Outdoor pillow

Sometimes, we need a decoration for outdoor. In summer, we will like to swing on the hammock or just lay down on the terrace bench. Then, we will need a pillow to make all those things comfortable. So, we will need the best outdoor pillows. This pillow is designed with fancy and fun designed. It will brighten the porch in our yard. The pillow for outdoor furniture is not only to match the design; it could be designed to stand out. It will help us to get colorful porch which will be suitable for any season.

Ikea pillow


When we want to get the best Ikea pillows, we may need to consider this pillow. The pillow which is called Stockholm could be good for our sofa cushion. This pillow is made from cotton velvet. It will give depth color effect but it is soft when we touch. Then, the filling of this pillow is from duck feather. The pillow will feel fluffy and also it is good in support. The zipper is featured to make the cover easy to remove. The cover of the pillow is able to be cleaned in the washing machine. It makes us easily to take care of it.

Cervical pillow

We may know that there are many offers for the best cervical pillows. The cervical pillows which are good will use an ergonomically contoured shape. It will help to make us comfortable when lays down on it. The ergonomically contoured shape can cradle the head and neck properly. Besides that, it can encourage gentle traction. Then, it can help to fix the cervical curvature. This kind of pillow will help us to totally relax when sleeping, especially on the neck, shoulder, and back muscles. This kind of pillow can be very helpful for relaxation in body and mind.

Orthopedic pillow

We may not know how to choose the best orthopedic pillows. This kind of pillow may not be familiar. Therefore, we will need to know the criteria of the good orthopedic pillow. The good orthopedic pillow is the customizing silk quilts. The silk quilts are made from 100% long fiber mulberry silk, anti-mite, antibacterial, anti-allergic, and skin-friendly. The 100% long fiber mulberry silk is pure manually drawn the crisscross structure. It also will prevent the respiratory disease because we inhale the dust and short fiber from the pillow.

Pregnancy pillow for back sleepers

Pregnant women usually need special treats. One of the items that they need is the Best Pregnancy Pillow for back sleepers. It is needed because the mother-to-be usually has a baby on the tummy and she will be hard to get comfortable while she is sleeping. Then, the pregnancy pillow will help to make the mother-to-be get good night sleep. It will help her to stay healthy in the pregnancy. The good pregnancy pillow has weight about 5.5 until 7 pounds. It is made from polyester and cotton, so it will be skin-friendly. Then, it will align hips in a posture which distributes the body weight for the comfortable latch. A good pregnancy pillow will be able to wash easily.

Contour pillow


The best contour pillows will be the one that is designed with memory foam. It will make the sleep more comfortable. It is because it is designed with gentle fabrics. Then, the design is therapeutic support. This contour pillow is able to adapt to the shape of the head, neck, and shoulders. It can support gently with alignment. It will help us to relief the painful of pressure points.

Wedge pillow

The simplest way to alleviate acid reflux, who knew the wedge pillow could help. The best wedge pillows are suitable for anyone who love reading book or magazine in bed. Besides that, it will be comfortable for the support that we need when we watch TV on the bed. Then, it is also good for resting. The shape of the wedge pillows is to support the body. This pillow is also made with the hypo-allergenic material. It will be safe for anyone, even if we have some allergies.

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