Badminton History

Badminton is one of the sports that also need a strategy. The badminton player should know the enemy weakness. In its chance, the player should do the common badminton strategy. For example is doing the hard smash. When the player felt down or get difficult to catch the shuttlecock, it is the enemy chance to make a score. Is the player learning the strategy from the badminton clubs?

Effective and Efficient Way to Learn the Badminton Strategy

Since it is a modern era, it will be easier to learn the professional badminton player strategy. All the player do is only watch the badminton video in many times and get the clue behind it. it also possible for the player to watch more than one video. The recent schedule is In 8-13 March, it is YONEX All England Open Badminton Championship 2016. It is held in Birmingham, England. The next Is at the 9-13 march, there is 31st Brazil International Badminton Cup 2016 in San Paulo Brazil. At 10-13 March, there is 51st Portuguese International Championships in Caldas da Rainha, Portugal. You always can update the schedule in Badminton World Federation web site. Badminton is one of many sports that wanted to hold.

Even there is badminton super series, it is your turn to get the information about it from the official site. If you are not the player, you also can learn this sport. Almost every country holds its own badminton championship. Everything has a rule in this life, especially when it is related to the competition. To get the wise result of the competition, the rule is created. One of the biggest competition in this world is the sports competition. One of it is badminton and in every country you find badminton, you will see the same rule of this match over the world. If you interested in watching it live, you can book and get the ticket as soon as possible. Always update in its information will help you to get the best place to watch. You just need to find the right equipment for you and it helps you to enhance your playing experience. You do not need a fortune in watching this sport. You just need to find some of this reasonable price and the trick to finding it faster than most people do.

Tactics in Each Country

Since every country has its own way of playing, the badminton tactics in every country are different. You can go to the world badminton federation. In this site, you can choose any menu that you want. For example, are fans website, corporate website, super series website, and you also can watch the live match in badmintonworld.TV.
When you want to get the schools badminton program, you also can find the information on it here. How about the badminton tournaments schedule? Since every country has its own competition, you can visit the local website about it. Check the ticket price too and do the online booking if it is possible. You can get the live badminton scores if you watch it live.

Badminton History

The World Badminton Federation is the official organization of Badminton in the world. All of the badminton associations of every country could be a member of that official organization for Badminton. As one of the famous sports game in the world, we may need to know more about badminton information. We could start from several facts about badminton. It could help us learn how badminton is. As popular sports, it could make Badminton has many interesting facts.

The interesting facts about Badminton

Badminton is officially founded in England. The official game of Badminton was born Gloucestershire, England. That city is also known as the home of the Duke of Beaufort. Even though this sport comes from England, it is not really popular in England or in the United Kingdom. From the rank of popularity, Badminton is only on the sixth place in the United Kingdom. Besides that, the achievement of England in Badminton is not as bright as China.

From the world’s point of view, Badminton is the second most popular sport and it comes after football. Badminton may not be the only racket sport, but it is the faster racket sport in the world. Then, the world’s record for the longest badminton match is 124 minutes. And the world’s record for the shortest match in badminton is only six minutes. The longest rally of badminton is 154 shots. It could be very exhausted.

Although badminton is the second world’s famous sport, it has been only held in Olympics or Summer Olympic in 1992. It was only a demonstration at the 1972 Summer Olympic and it was an exhibition sport at the 1988 Summer Olympics. Since 1992, China is the country that has the most medal from Badminton in Olympic and Indonesia comes second.

From the International Badminton Federation events, China and Indonesia are the countries that won most of the championships. They have won about 70% of all BF events. China can be said as the most successful national teams in Badminton world tournaments. They have won 61 gold medals for the International Badminton Federation events. Then, Indonesia has won 21 gold medals. Denmark comes in the third place with ten gold medals. They share the same achievement with South Korea. England only won three gold medals in IBF events.

One of the famous tournaments of Badminton, Thomas Cup is only won by four countries since it is inception in 1948. They are Indonesia that won 13 times, China that won nine times, Malaysia that won five times. The latest winner is Japan in 2014. It is their first win. Denmark is the country that has the most appearance at the final stages of Thomas Cup. But, they never win any Thomas Cup. They become runner up for eight times.

As Thomas Cup for men, Uber Cup is for women. In this tournament, China is the country that has won the most. They won thirteen times. Japan comes second with five-time winning the Uber cup.

Badminton History

Every person must know badminton. This is the great sports type that is famous. It is played by people around the world. To be able to play this game, you need to have the badminton set. It includes the racket, net, and cocks. If you have had them, you can start to play this game.

Cock is made of the feather. Then, there is the goose in a small shape. The shape of the cock is a funnel. It will move easily when the racket hits it. The fact, there is the cock that is made of nylon. However, it is just for recreation. In the badminton competitions, it has not been sanctioned. So, feather-cock is the best cock that is used for official use.

Playing badminton for fun vs. for professional one

You should play badminton with an appropriate way. For official use, you should play it in a badminton court and you must understand about the rules in badminton. In a set of a game, it consists of 21 points game. Usually, a match consists of three sets of the game. However, if you play badminton just for fun, it can be played in anywhere you want to. You just need to install the net for playing badminton. Even, without a net, you can play it. In this case, the badminton court rules don’t need to be considered thoroughly.

Generally, people play badminton for fun can be done in anywhere such as in the beach. The equipment that is needed is a pair of the rackets and some cocks. Besides in the beach, it can be played in the garden, or backyard. The most important to consider is you should find the flat area to play it so it will make you playing badminton easily. It is also for safety.

For the professional badminton player, he can make the speeds of the shuttlecock in hundreds of km. Why can it happen? Yes, this is because the physical preparation of player and the best equipment that is used. Playing badminton will give some benefits for players.

Benefits of playing badminton

Actually, there are some benefits you can get if you like playing badminton. Some of them are:

– Playing badminton can reduce the obesity. So, if you want to reduce your weight, the good way is playing badminton. Some pounds of the fat will be lost from your body.

– The heart problem can be solved with this sport. Usually, it happens because the poor food habit. If you often play badminton, it will make you healthier. Your heart beat rate can be increased well. People live without the heart problem will increase the average longevity to two years.

– Then, it can also reduce the cholesterol. High cholesterol can cause some diseases for your body. To get rid of it, you should play badminton regularly. The good news is playing badminton can burn up to 1000 calories in an hour. The sound is so interesting, right?

Those are some interesting benefits from playing badminton. It can make your body fitness. Besides that, you can get a lot of fun with this game.