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About International Badminton Association

Almost people around the world know about the badminton sport. It becomes famous especially in Asia. No wonder if there are many badminton athletes from Asia. They are the professional athletes that have the high skill in playing badminton. Although this sport is popular in Asia, it doesn’t mean that it is not played by people around the world. The badminton matches are often held in some countries.

If you see, the badminton association is in some areas. Almost every part of the world there is this association, such as UK badminton association, Asian Association and the others. It helps the team in playing badminton organized well.

Where does the badminton come from?

There are some people believe that Badminton comes from English. Actually, this is not true. Do you know that there is a game named Ti Jian Zi in China? This game is played by using the ball made of feather. If it is seen, it is like the shuttlecock. However, this game doesn’t use the racket. Then, in some countries like China, Japan, and Greece, there is a game that is named Battledore. Usually, it was played when the time Christ was born.

The history of the badminton

This is interesting to talk about the history of the badminton game. In the past, actually by the 16th century, the badminton sport is a kind of the game for kids. However, in the 17th century, it upper class becomes a game that is for adults, even it is played for the official one. In Europe, this game becomes popular with many people that love it. There, this game is called as the jeu de Volant.

Go to India, there is a game that is called as the Poona. This game is like the modern game. There are some British officers that work in India are interested in this game. They learn about the game rules, and then they bring it into English. In English, this game is introduced by the nobles. From this, many people know that estate is a badminton house. The nobles play a game with shuttlecock with the string a length of rope. It is made by two people. One person will hit the shuttlecock. At this moment, the first badminton club is held. Then, the badminton rule is made by written in a book. That rule is still followed by many people until know. Those are the history of the badminton.

Badminton game becomes popular

In 1899, the badminton game started being popular. There was the first national tournament held at that time. The good news is the international badminton association was held in 1934. At the early, the members of this association consist of England, Scotland, Denmark, Holland, Canada, France, Wales, Ireland, and New Zealand. Then, India joined this association in 1936. At that time, there were many championships and international badminton tournaments happen. In 1970-an, Asia started to have participated in this association. The badminton game is dominated by some China Women, the Asian teams and the others until this day.

Clubs & Tournaments

It is well known that badminton is a seasonal sport. How come? Yes, there is the time that some badminton league and tournament are held. Then, if these are over, people put away the rackets from them. In the season when there is some badminton matches are held, you should consider keeping in shape. You need to take a rest for a while before starting to play badminton. Of course, the professional badminton player will join the match along the season.

Prepare yourself

You should do some preparations before the badminton season comes. One of the great ways is you should do the physical training. It is very good if you join a gym and then you have the personal trainer. You should have the own schedule so your training is done regularly. You can ask the advice from the professional one about the badminton training. Before taking the training program, you should make sure that the program you take is suitable for you. The advice from a doctor may be needed by you.

Then, if you can’t get the personal trainer, you can get the important badminton information from anywhere such as from the internet. Besides that, you can buy the DVD that contains about the ultimate badminton athlete. From this, you can learn about the badminton rules and preparation.

In summer break, you should remain to do the exercise. Watching the badminton matches in the YouTube can be a good idea because you can learn about the technique of playing this sport. However, you should always remember that badminton is the physical sport so you need to do the physical exercises too such as just doing the basic fitness. Keep your spirit for the badminton league in the next year. You must start to prepare from now to be able to get the best result.

Basics exercise for playing badminton

There is the combination of the physical attributes when you are going to play badminton. In playing it, you should pay attention to the strength, speed, the endurance and the flexibility. To be able to be the best, you can do the exercise in a gym. With your effort, you can get that combination. You should understand that badminton is a kind of the whole body sport. For that, you should train your muscles groups.

When you are going to take the exercise, it will be better for you to do the different exercise in a day. Because of this, every part of your body will be good. Remember about the thing that is mentioned above that badminton needs the combination of some things. For that, you should also do the combination exercises.

If you do the exercise well, it will give the good skill for you in playing badminton. Not only basic exercise but also you need to play badminton regularly with your partner. Therefore, when the time of the badminton league comes, you are ready to have participated. Then, you can get the winning. Remember that a great result needs a big effort.