Badminton Equipment

Besides you have to get the special skill and fitness to excel badminton, you also need to have the suitable equipment. Equipment for badminton does not have to be expensive or in popular brand. You just need to find the right equipment for you and it helps you to enhance your playing experience. You do not need a fortune in playing this sport. You just need to find some of this reasonable price of equipment.

Basic Equipment for Badminton

If you join the badminton club, your trained will give you a racket, and the basic thing you should learn is how to use your racket. The modern rackets are light and it has weight in below of the 100 grams. You also need to see the frame of the rackets. It could be made of steel, aluminum, carbon, fiber, and even ceramic and boron. The combination of some of them could be there too. It should be no more than 680mm for its length and 230mm in its overall width.

The next equipment is shuttlecock. Have you ever seen that in badminton championship, the player often changes the shuttlecock? The standard shuttlecock should have 16 feathers fixed in a cork base. It is covered in kid leather. The best shuttlecocks are made from the left wing of a goose feather. Therefore, when the feather is less than 16 feathers, the player will ask to change the shuttlecock. The length of it should be between 62mm and 70mm and the weight of it should be between 4.74 to 5.50 grams.

Additional Badminton Equipment

Do you know badminton string? In Badminton training, you will see many players bring it with them. Your racket needs a place. You should find the right string for you. There are two types of badminton strings. They are made of natural guts material and synthetic material. The more control and power material is natural guts. It also gives the less vibration so that the player can be nice to play with. The thicker strings are more durable and it gives you more control. However, it does not give try the more power. Therefore, the thinner one is better.

The next is badminton shoes and accessories. The shoes will help you to get more of the badminton lessons, especially related to the movement. Therefore, the right consideration of the shoes would be really thought. When you choose the size, make sure there is a left space in it about a thumb’s width from the tip of your big toe to the tip of the shoes. Therefore, your feet will have the some spaces to move inside your shoes after you wear the sports shocks. If you need the accessories to support your style, you can have a wristband, headband, badminton shirt, and grip. Anything you want to put in yours makes sure it will not disturb your play. Towel grip or the synthetic one is no matter as long as it can absorb your sweat well.

Badminton Equipment

Equipment for Badminton Used by Players

Do you like playing badminton? Badminton is one kind of the sports that can be played by both men and women. Every person can play this. In the world, this game becomes famous. This is because every person can have participated easily. So, it is called as the good sport for anyone in what kind of the capabilities. The conditioning doesn’t affect this sport. Not only adult but also children can play this badminton. For that, this is the inclusive sport that is really interesting for every person in the world. Equipment for playing badminton

Talking about the equipment for badminton, it is very simple. Every badminton player must have the racket and cock. Then, there is the net in the center of the court. One player starts to action by giving the server that is hitting the shuttlecock.

Where can play the badminton?

In playing badminton, you can do in anywhere you want to. You can play it in some badminton courts. Even, the backyard can be your place in placing this with your family. So, there are two options for you. You can play it indoor or outdoor. Just choose what you like. Playing badminton can be something interesting activity because it is played for fun. As mentioned before, you can play this in your backyard. Well, this sport can be one of the activities you can choose to spend the quality time with your friend or family. Even, the parent can play this with the children. He can teach his child to be able to play badminton well. Buying the badminton equipment for kids is very easy. So, there is no problem for kids if they want to play badminton.

This game is unique because using the shuttlecock’s make up. Becoming aerodynamic makes it can be used for playing badminton easily. The main material of this cock is from a feather. If it is compared with the ball, it can be faster that it. However, it also can be decelerated faster too. This is because the wind has the important effect in this match. For that reason, the indoor is a good place for playing because there is no wind that can bother the cock.

Some equipment you need for playing badminton outside

But, if you want to play badminton for fun, playing it outdoor becomes more interesting because you can see the beautiful garden in your home, for example.

Firstly, you need to install badminton net. Usually, it needs the own poles. Then, you need to prepare the flat area. This is because it will be comfortable for playing badminton. Net can be installed easily in a flat area. The next one is you should prepare some shuttlecock. You need more than one cock because it can get torn up or lost. The last one is a racket. The amount of the racket is just for people playing. Don’t forget to choose the racket with a high quality so it can be durable.

Well, setting up for playing badminton actually is very easy. Find the badminton set in the shop near your home.

Badminton Equipment

Badminton is one of popular sport in this world. This sports match becomes the self-euphoria in this world. The world badminton is needed to learn. Therefore, we will understand when we watch the match. What are the things we need to know about the badminton?

The Official Place For Badminton Information

If you curious about badminton information, you can go to the world badminton federation. In this site, you can choose any menu that you want. For example, are fans website, corporate website, super series website, and you also can watch the live match in badmintonworld.TV. When you want to get the schools badminton program, you also can find the information on it here. How about the badminton tournaments schedule? Since every country has its own competition, you can visit the local website about it. check the ticket price too and do the online booking if it is possible. You can get the live badminton scores if you watch it live.

In this site, you will get the players navigation, tournament calendar, BWF World Ranking, even the rules, and regulations, plus the anti-doping regulations. It provides all your need about badminton. Even if you want to learn about badminton, badminton coaching is available here. Stay relaxes and satisfies your need for this sport by always checking to this official website.

The Schedule of the World Badminton

In 8-13 March, it is YONEX All England Open Badminton Championship 2016. It is held in Birmingham, England. The next Is at the 9-13 march, there is 31st Brazil International Badminton Cup 2016 in San Paulo Brazil. At 10-13 March, there is 51st Portuguese International Championships in Caldas da Rainha, Portugal. You always can update the schedule in Badminton World Federation web site. Badminton is one of many sports that wanted to hold.

Therefore, almost every country holds its own badminton championship. Everything has a rule in this life, especially when it is related to the competition. To get the wise result of the competition, the rule is created. One of the biggest competition in this world is the sports competition. One of it is badminton and in every country you find badminton, you will see the same rule of this match over the world. If you interested in watching it live, you can book and get the ticket as soon as possible. Always update in its information will help you to get the best place to watch. You just need to find the right equipment for you and it helps you to enhance your playing experience. You do not need a fortune in watching this sport. You just need to find some of this reasonable price and the trick to finding it faster than most people do. Watch in streaming will also good for you. You can shout it by yourself when something bad happened to your is very possible to you to get the merchandise or even any quiz in its official website. Do you have another idea to watch your favorite badminton league?

Badminton Equipment

We may not know that there is badminton league. It may not be as famous as the football league from European countries. But, badminton tournament is very popular. Most of the world badminton tournaments will take people attention to watch. From watching the tournament, we may notice the equipment for badminton. According to badminton association, there are some standards for all the badminton equipment. It is arranged to make the game fair.


Badminton racquets are the main equipment of this sport. It should be light weight. A racquet which has good quality will be weight between 70 and 95 grams, and it is not including the grip or strings. Generally, the frame of the racquet is made of steel, aluminum, carbon fiber, ceramic, boron, or the combination of those materials. The good racquet will not exceed more than 680mm length and 230mm width.


When we are going to play badminton, we will need a shuttlecock after racquets. The standard of shuttlecock could be as strict as racquets. A shuttlecock is made from feather and then it has to be 16 feathers fixed in a cork based. The cork base must be covered in kid leather. The best shuttlecocks from Badminton can be got when they are made from feathers of gooses which are taken from their left wing. The origin of the feathers is important, it is as essential as the measure of them. All the feathers should have the same length. It could be between 62mm and 70mm. Then, the weight of the shuttlecock should be between 4.74 to 5.50 grams.

The badminton string

The badminton string may not have the strict standard as the racquets and the shuttlecock. But, the badminton string will influence the way we play the game. Choosing the right badminton string could be important for our game. In choosing the badminton string, we should start from the natural guts material or synthetic materials.

The natural guts strings will give us the feel, control, and power. It will be comfortable to play with because it will give less vibration. Unfortunately, it is not durable enough and it is expensive. On the other hand, the synthetic string could be cheaper and durable. But, it may not be as good as the natural guts string. But, if we are comfortable, it will not influence our game.

Badminton shoes

If we think that badminton shoes could be the same as other indoor sport, we are wrong. The proper badminton shoes will provide good grip, cushioning, and some flexibility at the forefoot. When we play badminton, the first rule is never wearing jogging shoes. The badminton shoes should have thicker soles. It is needed for the stability in the game. Good badminton shoes will help to prevent us from getting twisting our ankles. Besides using proper shoes, we also need to use it properly. It means that we will need to use badminton shoes for badminton only. We will need to wear it on the badminton court only.