Badminton Rules

Basic Badminton Court Rules

Many people know badminton as the fifteen point games. Yes, this is because the basic badminton court rules. However, after there is the Uber Cup 2006, the rule of the badminton becomes 21 points games. Do you know what the difference between them? For you that want to know about the badminton so far, let’s discuss it in this article.


The fact, badminton player prefer choosing to play badminton with the rule of 15 point game. This is more exciting. Usually, it is played when it is not in the tournament. So, it can be played by people when it is not the official one. To be a winner, a team must win two or three matches. Women and men have the difference rules in playing badminton. Of course, this is because the strength of women and men is different. To be able to become a winner, men should complete 15 points. But, women just need to complete 11 points in a badminton match. Have you known it?

Basic badminton rules for men

There is the condition that men can continue to play to 15. Yes, the men can choose that option when he gets the score to 14-all. He can choose to play in 15 points game or setting the game becoming 17 points game.

Basic badminton rules for women

It is different with the men rules. Here, women can have the option to continue in playing 11 points game or 13 points game when she can reach the score ties to 10-all.

21 game rally format

If 15 points game can be played in not an official one, 21 game rally formats are the official format that should be used in playing badminton. Yes, the professional athletes know well they use this rules when they game in the tournaments or in official games. If you have not known about this rule, the following is the information about this rule for you.

Actually, the basic badminton rules for 21 points can be understood easily. In this rule, to be able to become a winner, a team should win the match twice or three times. A team must reach twenty points for winning a game.

The crucial service rules

There are some service rules you should understand in playing badminton. Some of them are;

Firstly, you mustn’t delay. If you delay it, the server will be given to the other side. You should know it. Then, pay attention to the positioning. The positioning of two players is on the opposite diagonal side of the court. If you play in the double badminton, remember to not block the view of your opponent. When your opponent can’t see into the server, you do the mistake. Then, there are the racket rules you should pay attention. Racket and cock are the equipment that is used in playing badminton. The racket is used for hitting the cock. In hitting it, it should be the bottom of the shuttlecock.

Well, those are about the rules of the badminton information. You should know them well before starting to play this game.

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