Badminton Rules

Badminton and Its Court Rules

Everything has a rule in this life, especially when it is related to the competition. To get the wise result of the competition, the rule is created. One of the biggest competition in this world is the sports competition. Just like football match competition, badminton competition also becomes the interesting match to watch. However, to make it more interesting, this sport is full of rules. The most basic rule is about its court. Check about it out!

What is The Right Rule for the Badminton Court?

The overall Badminton Court Rules is about the dimension. It should be 20 feet by 44 feet. The sidelines of the court are the symbol for a double badminton player and long service lined for singles play. Another rule is about the net line. The net line marks the middle of the court. It is created by 22feet by 20 feet area on each side of the net. You also have to know about the short service line. It is marked 6 feet 6 inches. In some areas, it is marked 7 feet from the centerline. Non-Volley Zone is the area inside the short service line.

Badminton association also managed the Center Line Rules. The line divides the court from the Short Service Line to the Back Boundary Line. This line delineates the left from right service court. For singles play. The line is marked 1 ½ feet from the edge of the outer boundary. It is a double sideline. How is about the Back Boundary Line and Long Service Line for Singles? It is same for singles and doubles play. It is the outermost back line on the court.

Another rule to Consider

No matter where the badminton match will be held, indoor badminton court or the outdoor should have the 5 feet tall in the center of its net. Long Service line for double also should be considered because it is marked 2 ½ feet inside the Back Boundary Line. Let us discuss the shape of the court. It should be a rectangle out with lines of 40mm wide. It is preferred to be in white or yellow colour. The net should be made of fine cord of dark color. Although it is thick, the thickness with a mesh of not less than 15mm. It is not more than 20mm.

The surface in the badminton court rules is wood and bituminous material. We need to avoid the concrete or carpet because both of them can injure you easily. It should be no gaps between the ends of the net and the posts. The full depth of the net should be tied at the ends when it is necessary to do. You can see the picture of it and calculate the measurement of it. It is recommended to play badminton in this standard court. All of it is aimed to give the fair play for the players. When the wet drops to the court’s surface, it should be easy to clean.

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